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Almost a month has passed

Building the businessPosted by Mark Howitt Tue, April 08, 2014 13:53
It's incredible that almost a month has gone by since the last blog post - it's been so hectic.

We've commissioned Oswald Consultancy to undertake the initial outline system and subsystem definitions, including thermodynamic and air flow calculations, to feed into both equipment manufacturers and systems / site engineering.

We've also commissioned patent attorneys to improve the first three patent applications, following receipt of two search reports, to secure the IP before the deadlines come round.

The equipment manufacturer spent half a day with us comparing our requirements to their portfolio, and are confident that they already have most of the kit available.

Three universities (UCLan, Chester and Manchester) are seeking to work with us on initial projects supporting the pilot plant, and afterwards on numerous system refinements. We're focused on minimising technical risk for the pilot plant, but improvements can follow later and on future installations. We are also being integrated into the Irish Sea Rim programme (initiated in UCLan), the new Energy Catapult, and other visions for the North West.

Possibly the most important news is that we have raised our first round of funds, at very close to target value. The investors (all private) are enthusiastic backers of all we're doing, and we're finding their support invaluable.

We received the official photographs from the Shell Springboard - please see above, with Angus Gillespie, Vice President of CO2 who presented it.

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